ROC-Connect Transforms the Way Insurers Leverage Data and Interact with Customers

Posted On November 15, 2015

Smart home solutions provider drives customer loyalty and reduces liabilities for insurers

Palo Alto, Calif. – November 15th 2015 – ROC-Connect, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform technology company, today announces its solution specifically suited for the needs of the insurance industry. The ROC-Connect platform gives insurance providers a way to enter the smart home market and rapidly deploy turnkey solutions that win new customers and drive loyalty, while reducing liabilities and risks.

ROC-Connect offers smart home as a service (SHaaS) to through an open IoT platform. Through its extensive partner network, the company offers insurance providers the opportunity to reinvent their business models and move from simply insuring against risk, to providing practical help preventing losses. With a focus on simple, affordable and scalable connected products and services, ROC-Connect is building on the needs of consumers by making homes safer, more efficient and easier to manage, while protecting people and their property from the major risks.

“Insurance companies already have strong ties with consumers as they cover the primary risks and help the owners to protect their families and properties,” said Marcus Scheiber, CEO of ROC-Connect. “ROC-Connect’s SHaaS offering and platform have been optimized to support the deployment of simple, low-cost, and scalable product-service bundles that pave the way to reduce the probability of damage and lowered overall risks for home owners and their insurers. In addition to intrusion detection, the platform gives homeowners real solutions for a wide range of potential threats, including fire, carbon monoxide and costly water damage caused by leaks and floods.”

Flooding can occur after several inches of rain, as well as from leaking household utilities such as washing machines, bath tubs and dishwashers, resulting in $38,000 in claims for the average homeowner. Fires are another costly concern for homeowners, with the average residential fire claim at $35,000. By partnering with ROC-Connect, insurers can leverage technologies such as connected water leakage detectors and sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels to continuously monitor customers’ homes. These technologies provide home owners with early warning signs and the ability to act quickly in the case of an adverse event, allowing insurers to better mitigate risks and reduce losses for customers.

“ROC-Connect’s platform and services help protect the people at most risk in the home with the addition of activity monitoring and response services. We are partnering with insurance companies to reward consumers who adopt smart home technology to minimize losses and will work to share data to further help both consumers and insurance providers,” added Kevin Meagher, Vice President of Business Development for ROC-Connect. “We believe these partnerships will help extend support to new business models with insurance coverage and services bundled to help differentiate, increase revenues, and retain customers.”

According to a recent report, security devices for the connected home markets are forecasted to reach $7.7 billion worldwide by 2021. As consumers continue to gain interest in security and property-related smart home features, insurance providers must innovate to meet the needs of today’s consumer while remaining flexible enough to scale in support of the IoT.

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